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As your local experts in concrete mixing, pouring, cleaning and paving, the team at Northern Colorado Concrete wants to make it easy for you to contact us and get the information you need. We have over 40 years of experience in serving the concrete needs of Northern Colorado. Our experts are available to handle your questions about any of our services, either in person or over the phone.
When you call us, you'll be able to speak directly with our owner or a highly experienced member of our sales or installation team. We can answer your questions about any of our services, such as deck sealing, deck cleaning, concrete cleaning, installation, cutting or leveling. We can also explain our methods of construction, such as pouring concrete blocks, commercial paving, parking lot paving, remodeling or repairing concrete equipment. If you have any questions about our concrete coatings or coloring products, we have the technical material data sheets at hand so that we can fully answer your queries.
We take pride in performing excellent work on every project. Contact our company owner, Larry Lohmann, directly at larry@norcoconcrete.com, or call today at (970) 336-1315 or (303) 659-1976. We look forward to talking with you about our concrete products and services.
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